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A l'arrivée : hello, we'd like a table for three people, please / bonjour, nous voudrions une table pour trois personnes, s'il vous plaît

Good evening! We have a reservation in the name .../ Bonsoir, nous avons une réservation au nom de  ...

Le menu 

Today's special / plat du jour

Appetizer / menu

Main course / plat principal

Pastry / ice-cream : dessert

Après le repas : l'addition

Could we have the check/the bill please ? Pouvez-vous apporter l'addition, s'il vous plaît ? 

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ONLINE RADIO STATION FOR ENGLISH-SPEAKING EXPAT is an online internet radio station, launched on 21st March 2016. The station is designed for English-speaking expats around the world.


Information from The Bugle, July 2017 issue

Wind chime ideas

The etctera magazine is full of useful ideas and information for English and also French speakers.

In the February 2017 edition, they spoke about wind chime: instead of throwing out old items, re-used them into wind chime: dominoes, buttons, jewels etc.

You can find the free Etcetera magazine and the Bugle in different areas such as shops (Alinea in Limoges for example).





Did you know ?

Rag and bone man

French translation : chiffonnier, ferrailleur 

It's also the name of a 32 years old British singer who writes and sings a fabulous song: HUMAN